Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camera Critters #116

After far too long, I'm back on line. Can't spend hours on here anymore because it sets off violent migraines. I've always loved this photo meme and want to get started posting weekly for it.

My entry for this week is our newest baby. She was an 18th birthday present for my daughter from one of her godmothers. She is the sweetest little girl, but lives up to her name - Athena. She is truly a master huntress! She stalks Darth Mittens and Aphrodite. She'll hide under the desk or a chair and when one of us will walk by, she immediately pounces on our feet and start nibbling. KITTENS!!! We do love her very much. She's been with us since Memorial Day and has added much laughter, love and fun to our lives.

She carries a juice bottle cap around in her mouth and will play soccer with it for hours.

Camera Critters

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Friday, June 18, 2010

What a great contest!

I found the cutest contest on Witch Blog and wanted to let everyone have a chance to win (even though I REALLY want this one).

@Wizardandwitch has a blog giveaway! Win a string/voodoo doll courtesy of @String_Doll. Enter here

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Read Stephanie Meyer's newest vampire novel for FREE!!!

I spend as much time on-line as the migraines allow. Staring at the laptop screen too long causes a huge migraine. During my travels around the globe today, I found a site offering the newest book in the Twilight series for free! It's legit and the writer agreed to it as a gift to her fans.

The book is called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It's only going to be available until July 15, so go check it out while it's still available. The book is about one of the newborn vampires created to fight the Cullen's family during the Eclipse novel. I've started to read it and will buy the book in hardback as soon as I can get to a store that sells books. I have all her novels in hardback and don't plan to stop anytime soon. :)

To reach the site, simply click HERE

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Athena has arrived!

I wanted to introduce our newest family member - Athena. She's named for the Goddess of wisdom and war.

We swore NO MORE PETS!!! Everyone knew that. Well, we were at my aunt's farm and my cousin told Arielle, "Happy early birthday" and handed her this adorable little Smokey grey kitten. Aaarrrggghhh! I said to ask Randy and he caved.

Athena is fitting in well. Aphrodite just ignores her, but the evil Darth Mittens is another story. She hisses and growls at us and the kitten. She thinks she's punishing me by not letting me hold her. Ha Ha the Jokes on her. I'm sure she'll get over it once she realizes she now has an apprentice to teach the dark side of the force. ;) That's when we will truly face the wrath of Darth Mittens!

Will add a photo when I start up my laptop in the morning. Can't seem to get the Droid to do that. All it says is Uploads Disabled. Anyone know why?

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My update

The current year us almost finished. My kids gave to go in for one HOUR tomorrow. Now, does that make any sense? Think of all the wasted time, energy, gas, etc... I'm sure there's a sane reason for it, but I can't think of any right now.

My daughter turns 18 on Sunday. Where did all those years go? Seems like only yesterday she was a baby. She brought home paperwork showing the requirements for all seniors.That scares me. I'm so not ready. Soon we'll have to start looking at colleges. She's interested in fashion design. She gas a lit of talent. I'll post a photo of the Sundress she made herself. She also created two very unique purses for me. I love them and always get tons of complements on them. Will also post a photo of them.

My son will be 16 in November and he will be a sophomore. My babies are growing up so fast and are ready to stretch their wings. We encourage both of them to try new things, but let them know we are always behind them. I think that's what most teens want. They may whine and moan about rules, but deep down they want the safety net of being able to use curfew or whatever to keep them out of some situations with their friends they aren't ready for. What are your thoughts on it? Am I right or just fooling myself?

Doc has me on two more meds to try and get the pain under control. Not helping so far, but I'll keep trying.

Hope all my American friends had a wonderful Memorial weekend. We did the family BBQ at my aunt's farm. Tons of food and being around my family is always a good time. The newest generation in our family is now a year old and is the sweetest little girl. She's always smiling and jabbers up a storm.

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