Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Resolution

So it's been entirely too long since I wrote on here. Yes, I was back in the hospital again for a 3-day stint. This time, Three nurses blew out 4 veins. I'm still bruised and swollen and feel worse then when I went in the hospital to begin with.

I don't know what the new year is to bring, but I do know it's more pain and torture. My goal for this year is to try and write here at least once a week. Would like to do more, but I don't turn on the laptop that often anymore. I received a Kindle Fire for Chistmas. I love it. I have dozens of books and games downsloaded already. Has anyone received one?

We lost our beloved Golden Retriever Aphrodite to lung cancer a few months ago and I can't get over the loss. She was the sweetest little gilr. Never asked a thing but a plavce on our lap and a cookie or two. Then a couple weeks later, our handster Yuri went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. Everytime I looat at my photos and see my precious Adonis, I just want to be with him again. I don't have any friend, he has my one and only. I miss him so.

I got hubby a DVD set of all of the Star Trek movies. He's a Trekkie forever. We're on the movie where fist contact with the vulcans are made. Remember it? My favorite is the Whales' movies. The best one I've see. We just finished the one where they went into the Nexus. I cried the entire time. I would do just about anything to go there. Even thought it's not real, it would be real enough for me. Only someone who has lost so much and has suffered so much could ever undertand.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2012 and all your hopes and dreams can cpme true!


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Friday, January 06, 2012

I'm back!

Ok, so it seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth, but in truth Heath has taken control. I spent the past few nthe hospital hospital. The nurses blew four veins & my hands are swollen and bruised.

I'm trying to get my life life back slowly. Went to visit my beautiful college student yesterdatmy. I miss her so much! She surprised me with a Thor ornament - my favorite of the Norse gods as well as a gorgeous bead for my bracelet. I wear it all the time. It was a get well soon gift. Not necessary, bit truly appreciated.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my son. We're not given a number of days and I want him to have memories of us. Maybe we'll go go a movie or just out to eat.

I'm working on his junior year scrapbook, so he can look back & see how much I Love him. I finished Arielle's senior book and need to start her college one soon.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. I hope I've inspired one one you to create a book to leave to your children or grandchildren. Its important for future generations to know they're loved.

I'll try & update more often.