Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, little man!!

Thirteen years ago, my little boy was born. Where did all those years go? More importantly, how am I old enough to have two teenagers?

To celebrate this milestone in his life, we went to State College and stopped at Hooters. Yes, that place. The food was great! I had crab legs because I can't eat wings. Too yummy! The girls all signed a tee shirt for him and posed for a photo with him after singing happy birthday. He turned red when they got him up on a chair and handed him pom poms to dance along.

He got new Halo 3 clothes (of course), an Eragon DVD and gift card for Game Stop, plus money.

After lunch, we ran to the mall so he could spend his birthday money. Game Stop, Hot Topic, Suncoast Videos and B. Dalton Bookstore were his only stops. Of course, our daughter had to hit Aeropostale. Can't miss that store. She has more clothes than the rest of us put together, but can't keep from getting more.

Now we're home and he's installing his newest computer game.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally the election is over!

It's been a long few months of listening to mud slinging and lies, but the election is over for now. I know, the Presidential race is still raging and will continue for ANOTHER year, but at least the local stuff is over. I can ignore the big stuff, at least Hillary and Rudy aren't calling my house begging for my vote. I refuse to vote for anyone who calls me at home. I don't care if they are the better candidate, simply by bothering my peace has cost them a vote. Also, don't show up at my door. That's another big NO NO in my book. Send me all the crap in the mail you want. It makes good fire starters in the spring for camping.

To try and catch up on life around here, I was back in the hospital on Halloween, hooked up to a HUGE IV, getting pain meds pumped into me every couple hours. It was not a good way to spend my favorite holiday.

I'm slowly on the mend and have gone back to work on a limited basis. I try to get to about half the event I normally would cover. More than that and I can't move. The doc says I'm doing well, but still can't drive long distances or lift anything over 5 pounds. My camera weighs more than that! I've also had to dig out a teeny little purse, rather than my normal Mommy bag that has everything needed for a weekend.

Hope everyone is well!

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