Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My daughter got to compete!!!

It was at the final home meet on Saturday. It was a massive fight to get the chance, but it happened. That's all that matters, I guess. :)

I worked with her the night before to get her moves down and we worked on cartwheels and back walkovers for a couple hours. I'm not the greatest coach, but I do know the basics.

She was the first on beam as an exhibition. She was shaky, but it was her first time ever to be in front of the crowd and judges. She did a respectable 3.4, with one fall on her cartwheel. She stayed on for all her leaps and turns.

I can't begin to describe how proud I was to see her up there in her uniform competing. She worked so hard to get there. Hubby and I were on different sides of the beam to make sure we got the routine from all angles. I took about 40 photos and he took 20 or so. Then my son videotaped the routine.

I need to get them uploaded and printed out now, so I can make her scrapbook.

She'll probably never get a chance again, but she proved to everyone that she could do it. Her score wasn't the lowest all season. Two other girls got lower scores. She won't qualify for State competition, but that's not the most important thing in the world.

Once I get the photos done, I'll share a few.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pittsburgh Pirates Winter Caravan

Last night we went to the annual Pirates' winter caravan. The event was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. A had gymnastic practice til 5, so we picked her up then and went right to the event. It was about a 40 minute drive and we got there about 20 minutes early. The line was already to the door by then with about 75 or so people in front of us.

The Pirate Parrot (mascot) was walking around talking to the kids and posing for photos and a local radio station was giving out balloons. Then a couple of Pirates' interns starting making balloon animals for the kids.

By the time the event started, the line had wrapped three times, so I'm estimating about 200 people were there for autographs.

The line moved fairly quickly once they started, with only one autograph per person allowed. The Pirates' players were all friendly and happy to talk to the fans and would sign whatever you had for them or they provided little 3x4 photo cards. It was a free event. Looking forward to more autograph opportunities as the year goes on.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

High School Gym

Went to Bellefonte last night for a high school gym meet. Sasquatch wasn't there, so I was allowed on the floor!! Lots of photos. :)

We left as soon as I was done at work and got there early. Naturally, I noticed we were only 5 minutes from Hot Topic. Lots of Harry Potter stuff on sale. I have Snape and a Sirius Black tee shirts now. :) Yeah, I got a new purse, too. It was a bit expensive, but really like it. Guess that's all that matters.

Bellefonte beat Ridgway by over 20 points and their girls took all the top places, except for third place on floor that Ridgway's stand out earned. Bellefonte earned all three All Around spots and those three girls were enough to almost beat Ridgway alone.

The next meet is Saturday here at home, so there won't be any photos. Then my next plan will be districts on the 9th. They are back in Bellefonte, so there will be lots of photos again. They have a table and everything set up for me to let parents see samples of my work if they want to order photos. Parents of seniors always want them because gymnastics is such a hard sport to shoot if you don't have good equipment.

Tonight we'll be at the Pittsburgh Pirates' winter caravan to take photos and get autographs. Two of my favorite hobbies.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Moon shots

It's been frigid all day long and when I got home from work tonight, the moon was surrounded by white fuzzy clouds and a halo around it. I imagine the halo is because it's so COLD, but still it looks pretty cool!

Sorry the photo isn't better, but I'm standing in the middle of the highway shivering. Yes, it was quite the sight. The neighbors already think I'm nuts, so it just adds to my rep. :)

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another high school gym meet

RIDGWAY – The Altoona Lady Lions bested the Ridgway Lady Elkers during their first meeting of the season on Saturday afternoon with a score of 127.325 to 109.55.

Altoona’s Bethany Lender took first in the all around competition with a 32.3, with second place finishes on bars (7.45) and floor (8.575), with third place on vault (8.4) and beam (7.875); Maribeth Resign took first on beam (8.5) as well as floor (8.7) and placed third on vault (8.3); Chelsea McClellan took first on vault (8.7); Tiffany Keith placed first on bars (7.6) and second on vault (8.4) and beam (8.475).

Ridgway’s Kelsey Constable was the top place winner for the team with a third place on floor (8.425).

Ridgway next faces St. Marys at home at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Altoona faces Bellefonte at home at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 16.


There won't be any photos from today because Sasquatch was judging again. There were THREE girls on the floor who were neither coaches not athletes and she didn't say a word to them. I have no problem with rules and following them, but they better darn well be followed for everyone and not just pick and choose. I think I'll be writing the PIAA and filing a formal complaint against her. There was no excuse for what she did and continues to do.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

High School Gymnastics

The St. Marys Area High School Lady Dutch hosted the DuBois Area High School Lady Beavers and although they put up a good fight, fell 130.45 to 124.45 on Friday night.

DuBois stand out senior Nikko Lawson took the top spot in every event, with an 8.65 on vault to tie with Dutchman Alec Cheatle; a 8.725 on bars thanks to her giant swings; a 9.35 on beam; a 9.05 on floor; and a 35.775 in the all around.

Lady Dutch senior Meghan Kronenwetter took second in every event, except for vault where she placed third with an 8.6. Her bars routine scored 8.25; beam 8.5; floor 8.8; and all around 34.15. Cheatle took fourth place in the all around with a 32.025 and had fifth place finishes on both bars with a 7.725 and floor with a 8.35.

Rounding out the top spots in third and fourth place on vault and bars were the Lady Beaver sisters junior Mara Schall and freshman Taylor Schall.

For beam, Lady Beaver Brittany Centra took third with a 8.4, with Taylor Schall placing fourth with a 8.3 and senior Elizabeth Stafford with a 7.6. Taylor also placed third in the all around competition with a 32.725 and fifth in the vault with a 8.2. Lady Beaver sophmore Kayla Bishop placed fourth on floor with a 8.425.

The meet was pretty good, until the final rotation when Sasquatch the judge decided she didn't want me on the floor and had me removed. OK, now I've been on the floor for 1 1/2 hours by then. She just wanted to show she had power. I have photographed every level of gymnastics from beginners to Olympic trials all over the USA and into Canada and have NEVER had problems in over 12 years. Just ticks me off!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our Family Ski Trip

It was a complete surprise to us when cousin Val emailed on Thursday and invited us to join her family at Holiday Valley this weekend. Of course, we jumped at the chance. No, I wouldn't be caught dead with two skinny sticks strapped to my feet as I fly down a snow-covered mountain, but Randy and the kids loved it.

I never leave home without my camera, so I spent the day taking photos. It was cold, so I didn't stay outside a lot. I was in the ski lodge reading most of the day. The lodge we were staying at was gorgeous!

We got to Ellicottville, NY around 9 a.m. on Friday and they spent the rest of the day on the slopes. A had enough about 7 p.m. and came to the lodge to stay and we dropped off Val's two oldest boys and their snowboards to finish off the night. Around 10, the four of them came in. Randy's knees are still killing him, but he said he'd gladly do it again.

A had a great time getting to know cousins she rarely if ever gets to see. She stayed up til almost 3:30 a.m. making pizza and putting together puzzles with cousin Rhonda. After we got home, she went to bed at 4 pm and didn't get back up til this morning.

Randy had to get to work Saturday night, so we packed up and came home early that day. Hated to leave and can't wait for another weekend. Hopefully, Randy will be able to get the whole weekend off next time and we can stay longer. Thanks Val, Joe and boys!

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