Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fairy Tale is Back!

When commoner Kate Middleton married Prince William and became forever known as Princess Catherine, little girls all over the world began to once again dream of their own prince. If we're honest without ourselves, most little girls dream of that handsome prince, riding a white horse who comes along and rescue us. We'e married in a huge wedding and live happily forever after in a castle.

We cheered when Diana Spencer got married to Prince Charles (even though he was entirely too old for her and clearly didn't love her), then cried when her marriage fell apart. Hearing her heartbreak as she talked about having "three people" in her marriage wasn't part of our dreams. Where is the fairy tale prince who promised to love her for life? Sadly, that life ended in a mass of twisted steel in a tunnel in Paris, far from her boys and the storybook ending we all wanted.

We cried as we saw Princes William and Harry walking behind their mother's casket on the way to her funeral and cheered as their uncle vowed to not let the same happen to them. They would know their mother and not become part of the machine that destroyed her.

Now we flash forward to William, all grown up and handsome in his military uniform, the spitting image of his mother as he nervously bit his lip while waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was beautiful and the ride to the palace was everything we expected. Lots of pagentry, white horses and cheering crowds. We waiting breathlessly while the formal photos were taken, then it was time for the first kiss. The part we'd been waiting for.

Now we can wish them well and hope their happily ever after is truly that - happy!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My newest nightmare

I've been hesitant to post about this becuase it's embarassing, but I realize that just lets the guilty off easy. I have to stand up for my rights and those of us who might not have the same strength or platform as I do.

I went to our local pharmacy to pick up my many prescriptions I need on a daily basis just to survive. Not live, mind you, just survive. From my blog, you know of my health struggles over the past three plus years. As I'm standing in line, the entire pharmacy area is standing-room-only, I hear the clerk say, "Do we have to call the Secret Service to get this refilled?" At the same time, she's holding up the little red basket with my prescription as well as a bottle in it with my name on it. The pharmacist looks over and smirks as well. Then he notices me and turns his head. I'm cringing and want the floor to open up and swallow me. It's my bottle and prescription. It's me they're making fun of!

I didn't attack them or even say a word about what was said when I picked up my order, but ran out as fast as possible. It was too embarassing and I didn't want to draw more attention to myself. Today, I had to go back in and get monthly refills. The clerk isn't there, but the pharmacist is. I ask to quietly speak to him in private. I'm already embarassed enough and didn't want to make a huge public issue if something could be worked out.

He denied it happened and said he didn't remember it and didn't even know who I was. Of course, once I said my name, the story changed to he always makes sure he immediately works on my order since I've had trouble with them before losing orders and I get so many items filled every month. He still denied remembering a thing about it. I asked if it were the least bit funny and how horrible I feel walking in there now. If they are brazen enough to laugh at my health's expense when I'm standing right there, what do they say behind my back? What about other customers who have the misfortune of needing to go out of town to specialists and need the refills called in? Who will speak for them? I might not have a million followers here, but the ones who do read regularly are smart, literate and I trust you to tell me who is out of line in this.

There's my story. The comments are open for people to give their thoughts. If I'm wrong and it's perfectly ok what was done, I want to know. Maybe I am just too sensitive? If I'm right, what do I do now? I've asked that the clerk never touch my medical information again, but the damage is already done. I honestly don't feel comfortable going there and now I'm going to have to find a new pharmacy (and I live in a VERY small town) to fill my extensive health needs every month. I'm worried about who else they've told the story to and who all is laughing at me. As I said, this is a small town.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, April 01, 2011

Local church receives a face lift

I think I can let the genie out of the bottle and post a few photos of the uber secret renovation work done on a local church. I doubt many of the parishioners or even local residents regularly read here. If I'm wrong, make sure to drop me a note. :)

I just finished the article for the morning's paper and was going through the photos to pick the one that will go with it. I realized just how gorgeous it was and had to share with others. The rest of the town won't be able to see it until April 14 at their re-dedication ceremony, so consider yourselves special insiders!

The ceremony is open to the public and begins with a Mass at 7 p.m. A meet and great is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. in their social hall. If you're going, please let me know. Would love to add your photo here and maybe in the paper (If you'll pose with the Bishop).

The church is St. Leo Magnus Roman Catholic Church and the $1 million renovation was thanks to the generosity of Rose and Denny Heindl. They are very community-minded and regularly donate to the school, community and their church. They are also just nice people. I talked to Rose this morning when she called about my health. Not something that is necessary, but she's just such a sweetheart.

So, enough of that and onto the photos:

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