Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Fat Tuesday!

I had hoped to be in New Orleans today to help celebrate Mardi Gras, but it wasn't meant to be this year. I'll just add my happy Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday to everyone here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chainsaw carving rendezvous

I just realized I haven't posted a thing about the chainsaw carving rendezvous I've been covering. It's been Very cold here all week, so I haven't spent as much time there as I would like, but I did catch one of their seminars yesterday. I didn't understand much about it because it was geared towards people who carve for a living. I like watching them carve, so there are lots of photo opportunities there. I met a guy from Romania named Emir and his 8-year old son Stefan. The little boy was so excited about a reporter talking to him and taking his photo. I had a photo of him and his father carving on the front page of the paper today, so I'm sure he's happy. He wanted to take the paper to school when he gets back to show his teacher and class. :-) I love doing things like that. Making a little boy smile is the best part of my job.

I'll be down there tomorrow for a couple hours, then will pop by again Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Should be more than enough to photograph.

Ladies short program in figure skating

This is the only part of the winter Olympics I'll be watching. I already know that Sasha Cohen of the USA is the leader after the short program. She's actually ahead of the Russian at this point. Now it's up to the long program on Thursday to see who will win the gold.

Nice to see the Americans step up and perform to their best, after the fiasco with our "famous" skier Bode.

Back to the program. The Turkish girl did a good job, but doesn't stand a chance, of course, but I always root for the underdog.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheney's Got a Gun!


I'm still rolling over this one! Probably not something a rabid Republican wants to check out though. :-)

Lazy Day

I actually have the whole day off where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything special. I have a couple features to write, but they aren't due for a couple weeks, so they can wait.

Tomorrow the annual chainsaw carving rendezvous starts. It lasts a week this year, so I'll be slammed with work for the next week. It's truly amazing what these people can do with a chainsaw and a log. I just wish I could afford to have one made of a Golden Retriever. (I raise them) The paper wants me to take a class to learn how to do the carving, then write an editorial about the experience. Not sure how that will go. I prefer to be behind the story, not part of it.

Today is just a day to relax, watch the ABC soaps, answer mail and work on my blog. It's nice to have a calm day since I'm trying to get rid of a budding migraine. I haven't had a bad one in months and I don't miss those days. :( Anyone else deal with migraines? They use to be so bad, I'd be in the hospital hooked up to IVs with pain meds more days than I was home. I had to quit a full time reporter job because they were so bad.

I freelance now, which is much easier on me. I still get to write/photograph for papers, but the stress level is much lower. I can turn down assignments and not worry about getting fired. I don't deal well with stress.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone has a romantic day!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Administration: Nevermind what Bush said yesterday

Administration: Nevermind what Bush said yesterday
by kos
Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 06:10:48 PM PDT
Why are we supposed to believe anything Bush said yesterday when his own administration claims it was all bullshit?

Administration backs off Bush's vow to reduce Mideast oil imports
By Kevin G. Hall
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - One day after President Bush vowed to reduce America's dependence on Middle East oil by cutting imports from there 75 percent by 2025, his energy secretary and national economic adviser said Wednesday that the president didn't mean it literally.

Maybe the White House press corps can ask Scotty which parts of the speech Bush meant literally, and which parts were, um, not literal.