Thursday, January 24, 2008

High School Gym

Went to Bellefonte last night for a high school gym meet. Sasquatch wasn't there, so I was allowed on the floor!! Lots of photos. :)

We left as soon as I was done at work and got there early. Naturally, I noticed we were only 5 minutes from Hot Topic. Lots of Harry Potter stuff on sale. I have Snape and a Sirius Black tee shirts now. :) Yeah, I got a new purse, too. It was a bit expensive, but really like it. Guess that's all that matters.

Bellefonte beat Ridgway by over 20 points and their girls took all the top places, except for third place on floor that Ridgway's stand out earned. Bellefonte earned all three All Around spots and those three girls were enough to almost beat Ridgway alone.

The next meet is Saturday here at home, so there won't be any photos. Then my next plan will be districts on the 9th. They are back in Bellefonte, so there will be lots of photos again. They have a table and everything set up for me to let parents see samples of my work if they want to order photos. Parents of seniors always want them because gymnastics is such a hard sport to shoot if you don't have good equipment.

Tonight we'll be at the Pittsburgh Pirates' winter caravan to take photos and get autographs. Two of my favorite hobbies.

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