Sunday, July 29, 2007

State College Spikes

Randy and I went to a State College Spikes' minor league baseball game last night. For those who don't go to minor league games, you're truly missing out on a lot. So the talent is up to major league standards yet, but neither are the egos.

I have a baseball scrapbook that goes to every game with me and almost the entire Auburn Doubleday team signed the book. I also had a media guide for the Spikes and got quite a few on it. Once I add photos to the book (I only took 460 last night), I have the photos signed, too. I will make copies of the best to give to the players since most don't have good action shots of themselves to send to their families.

These guys are truly appreciative of their fans. They enjoy signing autographs and meeting the fans. I prefer minor league games just for this reason. The only down part of the games is I don't speak Spanish and quite a few of the players don't speak English. Of course, they all understand the universal autograph seekers sign of holding out a pen and book.

The Spikes lost 6-1, but you can't win them all. They gave everyone a seat cushion as the promo give away. Nice thing to keep in the car for our many trips. Makes those bleachers a little easier to sit on at my kids' events throughout the year.

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