Saturday, May 19, 2007

Short Bike Trip

Just had to get out of the house yesterday, so when Randy got home from work, we loaded up the bikes and headed out to our favorite trail.

We only did an eight mile trip this time, I wasn't feeling real well. We had to stop quite a bit on this one, but that's the only way I could make it. The kids liked having the chance to explore more often, so it worked out ok.

On our way back, they were a couple yards ahead of us when we heard them yelling and saw they were stopped. When we get there, they said a bear had just run across the trail. It had been down by the river eating skunk cabbage and when it heard them ran up the other side of the hill. I missed seeing it! Maybe next time.

We did get to see a blue heron, so that was a good way to end the trip.

Tonight, we're heading off to the drive in. Shrek 3 and Blades of Glory are playing. Both look good.

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