Monday, May 07, 2007

Ridgway Forest Fire

We were out for a nice bike ride yesterday. There is a beautiful biking/hiking trail that runs along a local river. We were about five miles out when we saw smoke and flashing lights. Hmmmm.... What else would a reporter do, but head right to it.

The forest on the other side of the river was on fire. Did I have my camera? Of course not. We were just going for a ride and figured the cell phone cameras would be enough. BIG MISTAKE!

Hubby and T get on their bikes and fly back home, pick up cameras and the videocamera, jump in the truck and race back. Our 12-year old son was ready to drop after that fun, so he went down to play in the river for a while. Of course, he fell in and got soaked, but at least he was out of the way and safe there. He won't melt. :)

The not fun part for the firemen was the only way to access the fire was to cross a huge train tressle and carry all the water on their back because there was no vehicle access. An aerial tanker had to be brought in with two 800 pound loads to get the fire under control, then the men had to walk up the mountain to put the smaller fires out. It was hot and smokey. They are brave men. I could never do it.

We stayed on the tressle, which is about 15 or so feet tall where the railroad tracks cross the river. I don't like heights. Yeah, I'm committed to the job or maybe I should just be committed?

We were there about two hours before it was finally under control. I will NEVER leave the house to do anything without at least one of our cameras in my pack. Our son told me that in no uncertain terms. :)

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Blogger ~~~Kerri~~~ said...

My sons would've fell in too. And by fell I mean they would've jumped on in and swam around to their hearts delight. :-)

Cool picture of the plane, glad you were able to get a shot of it. It's not something you see every day.

12:14 PM  

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