Sunday, May 27, 2007

Canoeing on the Clarion River

We went out for our first canoe trip of the season this afternoon. It was sunny and warm, but the water was way too low and we kept getting hung up on rocks sticking out of the water. We did a nine-mile trip and it usually takes us maybe three hours. Today it took us over four hours. Don't think we'll do that trip again unless the water is much higher.

We saw quite a few ducks and Canadian geese as well as snakes and bugs. I am not a fan of snakes or bugs, but the birds were nice to see. One did bomb the river a few yards ahead of us though. Glad we were going slower than usual. That would not have been fun.

I got a bit too much sun and have a nice red shading on my arms and face. Now it's really summer. I have my first burn. It's raining now, so we made it home just in time to keep from getting wet.

Tomorrow is the Memorial Day parade and A is marching in it with the band. Not sure what we'll do after that one. Probably have a BBQ.

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Blogger cipriano said...

Geese from my country.
-- Cip

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