Monday, January 22, 2007

New credentials approved

Just got a call that my request for credentials to photograph Penn State gymnastics has been approved. :) That means I'm allowed on the floor for all their meets! They're hosting several big meets this season, so I'll get some awesome photos.

The first meet I'll get to is this Saturday. I'll be at two meets earlier that morning and afternoon, so it's a full day of gymnastics for us. Hubby also is a photographer and got his credentials as well.

Our kids will go with. T will videotape for us and A always likes to run numbers for the judges and time the balance beam for them. She hopes to join the local high school team next year when she hits 9th grade.

After the last meet, we'll stay with my brother and Sunday go to a State College Spikes (minor league baseball) fan fest. I hope to get credentials for that sport when it starts up this spring. Never tried before, so I have no idea how strict they are about freelancers getting on the field.


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