Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yes, another year has come and gone and it hasn't ended soon enough. This has truly been the worst year I have ever had to survive. The cliff notes version begins on March 3 with the death of my beloved Michael. From there, we lost four more cousins, an uncle, a great-aunt, a dear friend and my daughter's cat. Those were just the deaths. Lets not forget the fun of the migraines returning and my best friend betraying me.

For a nation, we've suffered quite a lot as well. The loss of lives from bush's war will be felt for generations. Each month was bloodier than the previous. At least Americans have finally started to wake up and say, "ENOUGH!" Republicans were tossed out of office left and right in the November elections. I realize many of them weren't responsible for the mess we're in, but those who were afraid to tell the president "NO" deserved to lose their jobs. The country of Iraq is destroyed and ours is going bankrupt and it was all for a lie.

Yes, 2006 can't leave fast enough. The next 12 hours better fly by.

Welcome 2007, you have to be a better year!


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