Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple's new IPhone

So, Apple has unveiled their newest toy - the IPhone. The cost is a sweet $499 and $599. I'll run out and buy them for everyone I know at that price! How about you?

Does the world really need another cell phone, even one with all the bells and whistles this one has. I have a Verizon Q and it does all the cool things I need - make calls, take photos and videos, check e-mail, keep my schedule and contacts, play music, play card games, browse the web and text message friends. Would I trade it for the IPhone? Nope!

I have a laptop computer to do everything else. Why would I need anything else? In the high tech world we live in, can there really be too much? I think we're getting there. My son is already asking to trade in the cell phone he got for his birthday three months ago for a "smart phone" like I have. He's 12! He sees all the fancy phones out there and thinks he needs one, too.

As you can tell, I'm passing on this new phone. Time to be satisfied with what I have.


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