Saturday, January 06, 2007

High School Gymnastics

I haven't been to a meet in several years, but last night Randy had the night off, so we decided to go to the St. Marys/Bellefonte meet and try out the digital cameras. I've always shot film and he videotaped at gym meets, so I had no idea what to expect. The lighting isn't very good, so the photos came out a wee bit dark, but they can be lightened up. We'll adjust for that next time.

The girls and one boy did a good job. They all really tried their best. Some of them have some good tricks down. Since it's early in the season, I can see all of them getting even better with their routines.

We'll be going to as many of the meets as possible the next two months. It was nice seeing all the judges I knew from "back then."

Bellefonte won 123.1 to 122, so it was a very close meet.


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