Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interviewing Bob Casey Jr.

US Senator Bob Casey Jr. was in the area yesterday to campaign for a State Representative hopeful Frank Straub. Of course, I had to be there to photograph it and write the article for the paper. My mother and daughter went with. (I'm not allowed to drive because of health)

I had met Casey before he was elected and interviewed him extensively on the campaign bus. He's a very nice guy and happy to sign anything when he was campaigning and I was hoping he was still the same after being elected. I had made a scrapbook page to remember the interview. I brought it with and my daughter had him sign it to me. He commented on the photo and asked where it came from because he never saw it before. I reminded him of where and he remembered talking to me.

When I was taking photos to go with my article, he kept commenting that I had the only real camera in the room. The other newspaper photographers weren't pleased to hear that, but it's true. My camera is a pro model Nikon D200 with the extra battery pack and a massive flash that rivals the run for brightness. :) He posed for photos with me when my daughter took the camera.

Political rallies are a good place to get politicians' autographs. Anyone else collect political memorabilia? I picked up campaign buttons and will use the stickers to make another scrapbook page for Straub.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Casey was in our town on Tuesday as well. He was given a tour of projects that are ongoing in our downtown area.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

One of the grandsons of a cousin of mine here (Clearfield County) is really into political stuff and boy, would he ever be envious of your interviewing Sen. Casey! He -my young cousin -will be a senior in h.s. this fall and his plans for next year are that he wants to run for County office -Commissioner, to be precise. I think he did get to meet and greet a lot of state office holders though a week or so back when he attended the lovely Bud George Picnic though. He's quite the interesting young man, for sure, and has a lot of big political plans for his future too! Hope he's able to make some of those dreams come true.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

We need new blood running the country. I hope to one day interview your young cousin after He's elected. :)

2:38 PM  

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