Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pirahna 3D -- Review

Arielle and I have always loved to watch bad B-movies on SyFy, so when we saw the trailers for Pirahna 3D, we knew it was a movie we had to go see.

We had some free time yesterday, so off we went for a girls night out. We picked up a few things, including a light jacket for each of us since hubby won't let me keep hoodies in the car.

We get to the theater a couple minutes after the movie started, picked up popcorn and pop and settled into our seats. There had to have been at least 15 minutes of commercials. (I'm paying for this??) Soon the cheesy goodness began and kept up for the rest of the movie. :) Guys, there is plenty of T & A and full frontal nudity. Moms, it's probably not a movie to take the kiddies to.

The feeding frenzy of the pirahna wasn't as gory as it could have been. Finding the chewed up corpses was nasty.

We laughed and laughed throughout the entire movie. I'm not sure that's what the director was aiming for when he made it, but how can anyone take it seriously?

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