Friday, February 09, 2007

Early morning fire

My day started off running to cover a barn fire. I heard it over the scanner and debated whether or not to go, but they said there were four horses in there, so I went.

It was COLD! I get there and see a TV cameraman I know standing up filming the fire, so I go up and stand by him to take photos. After about a dozen, I've had enough, so off we go to talk to the chief. Nothing much, just a few quick facts and a quote and off I go. Of course, to get to the chief, we had to walk down a hill. Normally, no big deal, but the snow was just about up to my knees. The downside to being short.

I get home, have a few minutes and have to be at a meeting in the next town. I'm cold, wet and smell like smoke, but have no time to change or shower. Bet the other reporters just LOVED to sit by me. Ah well, the perils of the job.

It was a lunch time meeting, so they fed us pizza and pop. Should have known it was a bribe because the meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours! Nothing earth-shattering, just the DEP talking about recycling. A real treat to those who have never experienced it.

So, how was YOUR day?


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