Monday, January 09, 2006

First hike of the year

We were getting a serious case of cabin fever, so we decided to grab our packs, the dog and go for a hike when the kids got home from school today. Our friend Susan and her two little kids went with. It was a learning experience and we'll do better next time.

We chose to hike out to a near by train tunnel. Hadn't been there since the kids were born, so it was time. I had forgotten how far it really was. A total of eight miles round trip. A bit much for us after months of being couch potatoes, but we made it. Took us three hours to do the trip.

I need better boots before our next trip or at least better socks. My feet are aching. We have to go through our daughter's pack and empty it. I carried it for a bit on the way home and it weighs more than she does!

The dog had a blast. A whole new area for him to claim as his own.

The tunnel was neat. There were large ice formations from water leaking through the roof. We all enjoyed it and will definately go again. If the weather holds, we'll go again next week.


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