Friday, January 06, 2006

I hate cults who try to convert me to their false god

I was home alone this afternoon, just finishing up the dishes. The dogs start flipping out and I see two men on my enclosed porch. They had already opened the front door and were at my inside door.

I was on the phone with a friend and went running to see what was up. Figured it was the men in black coming to take me away. That would have been more pleasant than the two freak jobs trying to convert me to their cult.

I open the door, holding the phone in one and and trying to keep the dogs back with the other. Started yelling for them to get out of my house. They just smile and try to start their garbage speel. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! (Among other choice words. Being married to a former Marine, I learned all sorts of "colorful language") When the male dog broke free, they finally got the point and moved out.

Had it been a little later and the phone not in my hand, they very well might have found a loaded Glock 9 mm in my hand.

Religious freedom does NOT give these cults the right to walk into my home and try to convince me their god is better than mine.


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