Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The kids did ok in school yesterday. My daughter cried a bit because everyone was asking about Michael. He use to go to her school, so lots of people knew him. My son was fine. I know he doesn't really understand what forever means. He actually said he missed school. Can you believe it? He sure doesn't get that from me. He's above-average intelligence and in all the enrichment classes for fifth grade.

Thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts while we're reeling from Michael's death. I'll be leaning on your shoulders again soon. Got a call that my uncle Paulie is at the end stage of lung cancer. I took Dad over to see him this morning. The docs don't think he'll make it til the end of the month, so we'll have another funeral to go to. :(

Tonight is my son's fifth grade play. He has a speaking part in Oliver Twist. I'll take a picture for the paper and send it up when we get home. That's my work for the day.


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