Thursday, March 02, 2006

Icy day

Woke up to everything covered in a sheet of ice. Not a fun way to start off the morning. The dogs went slipping on their first walk of the day. Hopefully, it'll warm up soon and melt all that.

Have to try and unclog the pipes before doing any laundry this morning. Stupid things. I am not a plumber and have no desire to play on on the net either, but I can't afford to hire one to do this for me. Maybe I'll just wait til hubby gets home from work? That sounds better and better. :)

This afternoon, I get to spend an hour at my son's elementary school. It's their Dr. Seuss day, so they'll be reading books, eating green eggs and ham, etc... The paper pays me to take a photo. Can you imagine a better job? Getting paid to hang out with my little boy!


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