Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back for now

We got back from State College this afternoon and grabbed Trevor and then went on another of our grueling 12-mile bike rides. OUCH! My knee is killing me right now, but it feels good to be tired from all the exercise. I WILL lose a few pounds this year if it kills me.

I have three new assignments waiting to be written tonight, plus two meetings to cover tomorrow and write about. I hope to find some elk to photograph when I'm in Benezette for a meeting. They are such gorgeous animals! The fifth annual elk festival is coming up in a few weeks, so I'll be at that.

Randy and I think we'll go to Gettysburg in mid-October to celebrate our anniversary. It's a little late, but it'll be cooler then and I'll be able to be outside more without getting sick. We'll spend the night at a haunted bed and breakfast and stay out on the battlefields as late as possible, rather than do a "ghost tour" this time. We weren't pleased at all last time. It wasn't worth the money.


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