Saturday, August 13, 2005

Today's my 17th wedding anniversary

And am I doing something romantic like sipping champagne in Paris or Rome? NOPE!! Not this girl. Instead, I'm working all day.

Just got back from the exciting world of landfill operations. That was a real treat to start off my day.

From there, I went to interview a new business owner. Luckily, it was a restaurant called The Cat's Meow, so I had the most delicious cup of wedding soup.

I'm home to do an interview about a new religious group for a magazine, then my next stop will be a local fair to photograph a demolition derby. Then I'll have all day tomorrow to finish up those articles and send them up to the paper and magazine.

Time for a vacation soon!


Blogger Thorn said...

Happy Anniversary Gretchen! Let me know if you have any probs uploading pics to your blogs, pretty simple actually, the bloggers put an Icon on the pages for us. Would love to see an anniversary pic!..Crconfer

1:53 PM  

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