Sunday, August 14, 2005

Demo Derby

What a fun night last. We get to the fair for the demo derby and it had started early, so we missed the first two heats. While we were there photographing it, a nasty storm came in and got everyone wet and cold. I missed getting photos of the last 10 minutes of the thing. Can't ruin my camera for that.

Before we got there 14 people had been struck by lighting and eight of them taken to the hospital by ambulance. The rest refused treatement, probably because they were so embarrassed about how it happened. They were standing under a shelter, holding onto the METAL POLES! Hello? What is wrong with people?

Have one article written and sent so far this afternoon as well as a few photos, just two more articles and I'm done for the day. What a relief!

Tomorrow it's off to physical therapy and maybe catch up on some of the other writing I need to do.


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