Sunday, March 20, 2011

IWC - Pro Rasslin at it's finest?

My brother Todd came home for a visit last night and to bring back our glory years, we found a live pro wrestling show and headed out. My kids were off doing their thing, Randy was working, so I decided to have fun. I did change out of the smokey clothes.

The show was the IWC and at first glance, I didn't recognize any of the athletes. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because it's not 100% legit, that these men and women aren't some of the finest athletes you'll ever meet. Even the doughy-looking pudge balls who are there for comic relief are athletes. You try and do what they do for 20 minutes and we'll see if you are still standing after 5 minutes.

Yes, I suppose I should disclose that I did work as a "manager" or a "valet" for a wrestler many years ago, pre-children, of course. That meant I wore a very tight leather top and a very short leather skirt with black hose and high heels. Of course, I had piles of bleached blonde hair. My name? Well, remember, you asked. I was "The Voluptous Miss Candy!" Nothing is sweeter! Yeah, I'll dig out some photos when I think about it.

My brother also got his day in the ring. He was injured during training and that ended his career. He hit his head after taking a fall and ended up with a bleed in his brain. Thus ended the stellar career of The Living Legend Hollywood Johnny Tambo. Yes, there will also be photos of him.

Back to our night in Clearfield. I buy my ticket, something I haven't done in about 20 years, but tonight I was just a fan. I go to find my seat, there was no Section D, Row 2, Seat 17. SIGH! The night is not looking good for me. The kid sitting in the last seat, was maybe 20 and I told him that means I have to sit on his lap. I thought he was going to cry, so I left him with his red face and all his friend laughing at him. They give me a new seat with the wives/girlfriends of the wrestlers and the announcer. "Hi, Jen!!!"

There is an old joke in the sport, "What has 10 teeth and an IQ of 30? The first three rows at ringside at any pro wrestling show." Sadly, the show prooved it all too real. There were young kids (7, maybe 8) who were so vulgar and their parents were smiling and encouraging it! WHY??? My child talks like that or makes the infamous "Suck It" movements, they're in time out for a couple years! But this is pro rasslin and that behavior is expected.

The undercard was as expected. Kids trying to get a break. They know a few moves, but can't really sell them. (Make them look even remotely believable) They might as well be on a loudspeaker and announce what they are going to do next. They miss the hits or kicks, but their opponent falls to the mat, holding whatever was "hit" and cries for the world .. er .. Clearfield to see.

I LOVE wrestling, I really do. I grew up watching and even took a wrestler to my senior prom. Yes, there are photos of that, too.

There were a couple guys who had just been signed to developmental contracts with the WWE. For those who don't own a TV or have never watched reality TV, The WWE is the biggest federation in the world. It's owned by billionaires Linda and Vince McMahon. Yes, Linda ran for Congress or was it Senate last year and got beat worse than a ham and egger in the first match of the night.

The kids who were signed looked so different than the normal indy wrestlers. One of the kids was from Clearfield, so these were his friends and family there to see his last indy show. I must admit, if I were 20 years younger and single ... No, this is a PG-rated blog. Anyhow, here is a photo of us. (I'm the short one)

We already are planning our next show. This time, Randy gets to go with us. This way, he won't call home to find me and just get screaming fans when I answer the phone. :) Off to my next adventure!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad enjoyed watching wrestling on TV. I don't believe he has ever seen the sport in person. I watched with Dad on occasion. I'm not a fan of wrestling. As I read your blog post, I kept thinking "I didn't know that about Gretchen!" I'm enjoying getting to know you!

6:03 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

Yeah, I'm quite the different character for a small town girl. I was born and raised here, but have been here and there around the world, including a week in Paris for our first anniversary. Note: I WENT, not WE WENT. That's another story for another day. :)

6:56 AM  
Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It seem we all have a questionable past. I left my interest in wrestling in the past long ago. Wipper Billy Watson was the most famous good guy in Toronto. Mad
Dog Vachon was a bad guy. I could still name a dozen or more wrestler from back then. I guess they left an impression on me.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

I remember Mad Dog, what a character! My favorite matches were Dusty Rhodes fighting the Shiek. They were bloody messes before it was over. Their forheads are now roadmaps from all the blading they did. I like to meet the old timers, the ones who paid in blood to make the sport popular. Then Vince comes along and destroys it with his admission that it's not real. I could rant on about his actions for days, but I'll bite my tongue today.

12:51 PM  

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