Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines' Day

Since Randy works tonight, we decided to celebrate yesterday. We went to a nice steak house for dinner. Well, it looked nice on the outside and the food looked nice when it arrived. Sadly, looks can be very deceiving. My crab legs were cold, my shrimp scampi was cold and my baked potato was luke warm. The only good thing was the freshly-made bread. Randy ordered prime rib, but what he got tasted more like pot roast. Not a good start to the night.

Romantic comedies just aren't our style, so for Valentines' Day, off we went to see The Rite. Yeah, the exorcist movie starring Anthony Hopkins. The movie started off very slow. Hopkins didn't appear til the movie was half over. That's when it got good. As everyone who has seen him act knows, he plays a good psycho. Watching Hannibal Leckter conduct an exercism is interesting, but the fun begins when the exercist is possessed and has to rely on a wanna-be priest who isn't sure there is a God. The story is based on real-life, so they say. The wanna be is sent to Rome to learn to be an exercist when he wants to leave before being ordained. The class is being taught at the Vatican, but for some reason the teacher is speaking in English and calls Michael "the American" when he shows up late the first day of class. The teacher speaks perfect American English. I can do the willful suspension of disbelief, but it's the little things that bother me. The actor should have at least had an Italian accent.

The movie was pretty good, once you get by the little things. Sadly, I got slammed near the end of the movie with a killer migraine and could barely walk out it hurt so badly. Hubby helps me out, we order pizza to take home to the kids and off we go.

I have injectible pain meds since the doc can't always be available to me. Randy and Trevor both were taught to give them to me, so that's how I spent the last of the holiday weekend - curled up in the dark with Mittens, my arm on fire from the shot and my head exploding.

Maybe I'll do better for St. Patrick's Day?

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Blogger JennyD said...

Oh, my gosh, Gretchen! What a nightmare. It's amazing when such good and thoughtful plans ALL fall through, one after the other. Man, the stars must have been completely off. Drats. I'm sorry all that happened.
I pick up on little things in the movies just like you do. Doesn't it sometimes drive you insane? You'd think that the writers or the directors at least would pick up on some of the glaring stuff.
Just curious, have you ever been ck'd for food allergies? I'm sure you have been, but just wondering. I have a friend that has had migraine headaches like yours for many years and the only thing that remotely helps is a shot and then sleep.
Here's hoping that today you are feeling better, and let me be the first out here in blogland to say Happy Valentine's Day to you :D

2:04 PM  

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