Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trevor!!!! (Plus an update on me)

Today is a huge milestone in my son's life. He turned 16! How did that happen? Those last years just seem to have flown by.

We went out to eat at Red Lobster with his grandparents. Of course, I slipped a note to the waitress that we were celebrating, so they came around and sang for him. He was turning red, but I know he loved it, even though he claimed that he didn't want that done. He should know better. I never let a special event go by without recognition. These are the little things he'll never forget. Who care if we don't have a mansion?

After dinner, we ran to the mall for a few minutes, then came home to open up his gifts. We got him a TV, Arielle gave him a lap blanket she designed and sewed herself, my parents gave him a video game and Randy's mom got him a laptop. That hasn't arrived yet, so he has to wait a bit for it. Yes, Trevor is a wee bit spoiled. I figure it this way, he's had a very rough life so far with his health, so if playing a few video games makes him happy when he's not able to be out, so be it. He's had over a dozen major surgeries done on both ears. On his left side, they've removed his mastoid bone and completely rebuilt his eardrum and two of three hearing bones. It's truly a miricle he's able to hear at all. There's significant hearing loss, but he can hear. That's all that matters in the long run. He doesn't want short hair because the scar is very noticable where his left ear was cut off to do the surgeries. It embarasses him when people ask about it. The right ear only had one main surgery when the eardrum had to be repaired after an IDIOT POS sucker punched him at school and broke this eardrum. All the kids know about his ear problems. It's a very small school district, so the brat did it delibertly. WHY? A girl, what else? The girl liked Trevor and not the POS. Trevor wouldn't hit back. He knows no fighting, but especially not in school. Obviously, the other kid wasn't taught the same. So typical! Not a thing was done to punish the kid. Makes me sick to think about it.
Anyhow, we hope he's done with all the ear surgeries, but nothing is guaranteed. He visits a specialist once a year to keep an eye on it. One little infection could cause huge problems.

Tomorrow, I have to go to the hospital for a CT scan with constrast and all that fun stuff. The pain has moved recently and it concerns the doctor. He said it sounds like it could be an aneurysm and wants the scan done ASAP. Am I scared? A little. I'd be lying if I said different, but I just want to know what's causing the pain. I know that little thing could cause a world of problems or just kill me, but at least then we'd know something. Will post when we're back from the hospital. I'm back on the strong pain pills for a few weeks until we know for sure what the scans say. They knock me out and I sound like a loon when talking after taking them, but keep the pain knocked down enough that I can be aware of life.

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Blogger JennyD said...

Wow, talk about news! Gretchen, first let me say I'll be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you, too. I want it all to be good news. I don't blame you for being nervous, I would be, too. Please keep us all up to date as soon as you can, ok?
And Trevor! 16 is a great birthday and I know he had a ball, restaurant singing and all, lol. I love that closeup shot of him -- he is ADORABLE! The story about the "POS", omggggg, that was worse than awful. His parents should have been held accountable for any and all dr/hospital work. And that rotten kid? He's due for a real lesson. First off, I'd have him get a job from the moment he gets out of school (3:15)and work til 11pm, then come home and do homework for 2 hours. EVERY paycheck he got would be turned over to repay all medical expenses -- and I mean he'd have to do this if it took him until he was 50 yrs old.
Tell Trevor it won't be long before that scar won't bother him a bit. He's too darn good looking to worry about it. (Rub Vitamin E onto the scar twice a day and in a yr it will be half or less. Keep doing it and it will disappear). You guys are one great family in my book, Gretchen :D

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with JennyD. Your blog post certainly was full of news! I'm sorry to hear about all the surgeries Trevor has had. What's wrong with some kids today. That POS should have been disciplined! It sounds like Trevor had a wonderful birthday. I've been thinking of you; hadn't heard from you and was wondering what you were up to. Now I know. I wish you the best, Gretchen. I hope that the doctor determines the cause of your pain and is able to stop it.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Sassyfrazz said...

Happy Birthday to your Trevor. Amazing how time flies with our kids! Sounds like he had an amazing celebration!
He is a miracle child...with all that he has gone through with have much to be thankful for.

I will be praying for your health, good results, and for things to look up for you~ health wise. You have a lot on your plate, but know that God is amazing, and he has all in control. I will keep you in my prayers, Gretchen! Keep us posted!

12:57 AM  

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