Saturday, November 06, 2010

Erie Otters' and Owen Sound Attack Hockey Game

It was a pure fluke that I even knew there was a hockey game tonight. I saw a stack of pocket schedules when we checked into the hotel last night and grabbed one. Just threw it in my purse and never even looked at it til today. I originally figured it was for the next baseball season, for the Erie Seawolves. Turns out it was for hockey. I don't know much about the sport, really all I know I learned from the movie Slapshot. Anyone else seen it? It's quite the hilarious movie and I highly recommend it if you can add it to your Netflix que.

I ask my gang if they want to go to a game tonight, it's just something new to try and doesn't cost a million dollars. Rustin absolutely loves hockey, but had never been to a game, so he was all for it. Arielle was all for anything Rustin was all for. Randy and Trevor went along because I wanted to go, especially since I can't drive for the time being. I call the Otter's main office and order the tickets and happen to mention we're celebrating Trevor's Surley Sixteen to the ticket agent. She had asked about the ages of the kids we were bringing, then she asks how to spell his name. Trevor begins to worry at this point when he hears me spelling his name over the phone. "What's that for?" he demands to know. See? SURLEY! Oh nothing, honey. He refuses to believe me and knows I'm up to something.

We eat and head off to the arena. It's only about a 10 minute drive from our hotel. We get to the game just in time for the Canadian national anthem to begin. The American national anthem was next. The opponents were from Canada. Go figure! It was Erie (in white) taking on the Owen Sound Attack (in dark).

The game begins and I keep looking for the Hansen brothers. Anyone who has seen the movie I referenced in the first paragraph knows what I'm talking about. For the rest, expecially those under 30 (or is it 40 now?), there are three Hansen brothers who were "old school" hockey players. What does that mean? Well, they liked to fight -- a lot.

There was one pretty nice fight during tonight's game. Gloves off, punches thrown and a pretty good take down. The referees just let them go for it, until they got onto the ice. That's when they stopped them. At that point, I started looking for the stripping hockey player (another movie reference), but no such luck. SIGH!

The game continues and is very fast paced and lots of fun to watch. Randy went out after the second period and surprised me with a hockey puck and an Otters' rally flag. He takes good care of me! I had picked up one of each of the three pins they were selling on my way in. They're one of the things I can't pass up (purses and silver charms are two others). I have them on my new Steeler purse now. The announcer starts wishing all the people there a happy birthday and there's my big boy's name on the jumbo screen. Of course, we all start yelling and clapping for him. He's turning red and trying to hide in his coat. :) I know he appreciated it, but just doesn't want to admit it. We all know how teenage boys are.

I'm happily snapping away with my camera and by the time the game's over, I've taken 551 photos. I'll be deleting about 100 or so of them. If any professional photographer tries to tell you every image they take is perfect, don't believe it and keep looking for someone honest. We all get blurry images, shadows in the shot and lots more. It's hard to photograph through beat up glass. Anyone that's ever seen a hockey game or even replay knows, they tend to slam each other into the glass quite a bit. The fans were slamming on the other side. I've never experienced that sort of thing at a sporting event before. Learn something new every day!

I would definately go to another hockey game. Any time, any place. This was a college league (or minor league) game. My grandpa took me and my cousin to a couple of Pittsburgh Penguin games when we were about 7 or 8. There were bus trips back then that let us enjoy a day with the man we all loved so much for less than $20 each! You can't park at a Pittsburgh game for less than $20 now. One of hubby's friends takes his grandson to Pittsburgh Penguin games and says it's never less than $1,000 for a trip! That's way out of our league. So sad that only the rich can afford to enjoy live games.
The Otters lost 2-3, but they played well and should be proud of that. I can't even begin to imagine keeping on my feet while on iceskates. These young men are flying BACKWARDS, spinning around and so much more while passing a puck and trying to score points! I have such respect for all those athletes.
PS: Don't forget to fall back tonight and set your clocks back an hour! YEAH!!! We all can use a little more sleep. Night all!!

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Blogger JennyD said...

Ooooooooo! Your pics are GREAT! I hate to admit it, but I know nothing about hockey. It wasn't even a sport, so to speak, when I was growing up. But years ago, an actual hockey game was played here and it was the first. I was there! Oh yeah, I was there until a fight broke out and the 2 players came tumbling over the railing. Omg. There was no fencing back then and I'm telling you, I was scared half to death. The couple close by me was almost knocked out. Well, that was the last game I went to. Never understood why everyone thought that fight was SO great. God, I'm old.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Arti said...

Well hockey is Indias national game... I have never watched it live, ice hockey looks interesting...
Lovely pics!!
Have a great day:)

9:39 AM  

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