Monday, September 06, 2010

HorrorFind 12 in Gettysburg the Wrap Up

Well, the convention is over and I'm almost home. At least I'm half way there. I should be home by tonight and can't wait to see my hubby and kids. They are driving to pick me up since I can't drive. Do you realize how inconvenient it is to not be able to drive? I have to rely on my 18-year old daughter to take me places or catch rides with others going. Makes me feel even worse.

The headaches are now constant and I'm on new medicine to try and combat it. Usually, I can at least tolerate things, but today, it feels like a knife has been wedged into my neck and another red hot poker is being slammed repeatedly into my left temple. Such are the joys of my day.

So, the final day of HorrorFind was less hectic. We had met all the celebs we were interested in the first two days, so we were able to just walk around and watch the other fans and take photos. That's my favorite part. I did buy a new series of zombie books from their author Kim Paffenroth. He kindly autographed the two books as well as a mousepad he gave me and posed for a photo. I started reading the first book as we were walking around, but had to stop when I just wanted to stand in one spot and finish the book. I'll have it done in a day or two, depending on the level of pain. Sadly, reading makes things worse.

One of my brother's friends had kidney surgery and wasn't able to go with us. One of her favorite actors was there and my brother asked him if he could possibly say a few words to the video camera for his friend. Instead, he offered to talk to her on the phone, if that were possible. Terrence Zdunich starred in Repo the Genetic Opera. When he handed my brother back the phone, his friend was still screaming and hyperventalating. She couldn't believe he would do that for her. I'll tell you, I haven't seen the movie, but that man has another fan for life in me. Any celeb who would take time out of his day to call a sick girl deserves my admiration.

Another very nice celeb was Doug Bradley who played Pinhead on Hellraiser. Any fans out there of the cube? He was happy to pose for photos, so I had one taken.

Again Gary Busey wasn't really available at his table and Jake was no where to be found while we were there. No loss, for even though I might enjoy their movies, I can't imagine paying $20 just to have a photo taken with them or of them. I noticed not many people did in the three days.

Diamond Dallas Paige, yes the pro wrestler, was there. He was in Rob Zombie's movie The Devil's Rejects. He was very animated that day and was signing postcards for free. They describe his workout plan and he showed me some of the people who had done it and the unreal changes in their lives. It's called YRG Fitness System. I have no idea what the cost is. He didn't require payment for that autograph or for a photo with him. Another really nice guy.

Has anyone seen the movie The Human Centepede? Well, three of the stars were there. I saw the trailer and it made me nautious, so I haven't gotten the nerve to watch the movie yet. Brother is laughing since I can watch most horror movies while eating a nice medium rare steak. In fact, when we got back to his place, I finished my steak from dinner while we watched the Italian classic Zombie. Back to the stars of this movie. They were very friendly to everyone and even gave a response to what Tosh.0 said about their movie. My brother is sending it to the show. He really slammed the movie, so we're thinking he'll use the promo.

The dealers' room had quite a variety of items to purchase and make up artists were avialble to turn people into the walking dead. I didn't have that done because we had a two hour drive ahead of us and I imagine I'd be talking to some nice men in blue if I walked into a convenience store to get a bottle of water with blood and bruises covering my fave and hands. :)

While there were some serious problems with the convention, it was mainly how some of the staff acted. I've already addressed that in another post and won't go into it again here. Most of the staff were great and helpful. We did enjoy the convention and found it incredibly convenient to be staying in the same hotel as the show. The cost of admission was nothing compared to other shows I've covered and written about. I can get over some of the rude staff because the celebs were good. I just hope they think about finding a decent place for their costume contest/auction where people aren't turned away and treated so poorly.

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