Saturday, September 04, 2010

Second day of HorrorFind

Today was the second day of three at the HorrorLinkFind Weekend 12 convention in Gettysburg. It was a lot different from yesterday. The celeb room was packed. It was hard to even move around. Dee Wallace was again so sweet and friendly, I think I now have new favorite actress! She remembered us and was happy to let me give my hubby a special gift. Can't tell what since he reads this.

Today was the costume contest and auction. The people in charge didn't think it through. The place it was held was a small room in the movie theater. There were probably 400-500 people turned away. It's things like that that people won't return because of. The "STAFF" weren't very nice. They were pretty arrogant about it. When the convention was so huge to begin with, they should have known better and moved the contest. Everyone wanted to see Bruce Campbell. The fans were so disappointed and the staff couldn't have cared less. Nothing was offered to the fans who were turned away. When a few were at the back of the building to take photos while the costume contest was going on, the untrained staff again showed their true colors.

We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. We have to go visit Devil's Den and the witness tree while we're here. I can't be this close and not go. I'm sure others have been in the same boat. Brother doesn't mind and he's driving. He hasn't been here in about a decade. He was here one time with Randy, Dad, the kids and me. I'd like to start this as an annual event.

Better get back to working on photos!

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