Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Scare Fair

All About a Party in DuBois held their annual Scare Fair over the weekend and it was a HUGE success. The kids, my mother and I went and stood in line about a half hour to get autographs from their guest stars. Not bad because others were waiting over an hour after we left.

The guests were Tony Moran ("Michael Meyers" from the original Halloween) and Cindy Morgan ("Yuri" on Tron and "Lacey" On Caddeyshack). I got my Tron UMD case autographed. It looks great in silver marker and is sitting on our entertainment center. Would love to be able to add more of the stars' signatures to the display. It was a great movie for the time it was made.

They were both happy to talk to fans and pose for photos. Moran said he hadn't seen Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and had no interest in ever seeing it. I have seen it and ... well ... lets just say there can't be any new way to show a teenage girl's bits after that movie.

Everyone always comments on my camera, especially when the professional lense is on it - yeah, it's that HUGE. I even got in front of the camera this year for a couple photos. Hubby couldn't go with since he worked, so I wanted to show him the fun.

One of the displays was a 100 pound burger. GACK! I love my cheeseburgers, but looking at it made my stomach ache! The hosts had a 2-pound burger eating contest. Nope, I could never eat that much at once. There were make up demos, games, food, costume parade and more scheduled, but we weren't able to stay for most of it. Arielle had to get home and get ready for the homecoming dance. She did find the perfect half sweater to go with her dress while we were at the mall. I'll post about that later though.

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Blogger This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gretchen: What a fun time for your little town in the PA mountains. I was golfing near there this summer and enjoy that area.

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