Thursday, July 23, 2009

House of Night Series (Review)

As everyone who knows me knows, I'm a complete vampire freak. Totally addicted to all the movies, TV shows, clothes and books about the children of the night. I was looking for new books a couple weeks ago and found the House of Night Series.

The books center around 16-year old Zoey Redbird who is marked to become a vampyre. In this world, you don't get bitten to become one, it's a physical change that can happen to anyone. All those who are marked have to go to a school called "The House of Night" where they learn about being a vampyre. Fledglings have to be around adult vampyres or they die.

The books are quick reads. I finished the first four in about a week and just picked up the fifth one called "Hunted" after work today. Can't wait to see what happens! My son is now reading the first one and it won't take him long to go through them. We share that love of reading.

The books are young adult and deal with all sort of adolescent issues as well as the whole vampire issues. It's not bad enough to learn you're not human, but you still have to deal with boyfriends, snarky friends, fitting into a new school, having your parents turn against you and frizzy hair!

I highly recommend the books to anyone who likes a good paranormal story.

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Blogger Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Gretchen! It sounds like a fun series to read.
I'll admit I enjoyed watching Buffy and Angel. Angel is actually still on and I watch before I go to work. Lisa

7:50 PM  

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