Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another thing to worry about

Spent the morning at the doctor's office with my 10-year old son today. He's been having a lot of bloody noses lately and it's to a point where I'm worried.

The doc is sending him for a bunch of tests tomorrow. He mentioned a possible blood disorder and then was asking questions that leads me to believe he's concerned about leukemia! That scares me to death. My little boy has been through way too much already in his young life and I can stand the thought of something else wrong. :(

I broke down and had the doc check out my right arm as well. It's been hurting since April and getting weaker. I have trouble holding up my camera because of it. That is the only reason I even mentioned it. If I can't take photos, I can't work and if I can't work .... Anyway, he says it might be tennis elbow (as if I play tennis!) and has me on a steroid for eight days to try and help with the pain a bit, then is sending me for physical therapy. Friday is my first appointment for that one. We'll see how it goes. Of course, the insurance won't pay for all the visits the doc thinks I should have. I mean really, who knows more about medicine? A doctor or some pencil-pushing insurance geek who only cares about money?


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