Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Update

Reposted from another list.

For those that have been unable to watch the news today concerning the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. I have gathered some of the following on CNN:

1)Multiple breaches of the dikes surrounding New Orleans are allowing additional flooding. Although the French Quarter is still dry, water is rising in the city.
2)The Gov of La is considering total evac of all remaining people in New Orleans. There is no food, clean water or fuel. Of course, their is still booze in the French Quarter, so some are seen roaming the streets of that neighborhood drunk.
3)790,00 people are without power in La.
4)656,00 people are withought power in Al.
5)80% of Miss is without power
6)There is 6' of water surrounding Tulane Univ Hosp. The backup generator is reported to have failed. 200 plus of the most critical patients will need to be airlifted from the hospital.
7)Total death toll unknown. Miss. reports that deaths in their state alone will reach into the hundreds. One official said they new where some of the dead were, but they had no place to put them anyway. They will adress the problem in a few days.
8)1,200 people rescued by Coast Guard helcopters alone so far.
9)I-10 over Lake Pachatrain(sp?) has been knocked out with large spans only showing the cement pillers the roadway rested on sticking out of the lakes. This was one of the few evac routes available to New Orleans.
10)It was admitted that many of the first rescues were done by neighbors using their own fishing boats and cruising through neighborhoods.
11)What a shock!!!! Looting is going on in New Orleans.
12. Those who got out early, are better off than those who didn't.
13. Those who live above sea level have fewer problems.


Blogger Crystal said...

Electricy won't be restored for 3wks it's being said, and the plumbing is backed up everywhere, toilets won't flush etc.! That must be a real nightmare, my heart goes out to all those people afflicted. But I get annoyed when Katrina is compared to the Tsunami, there is simply no comparison for that.

11:39 PM  

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