Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New gaming fun for the entire family

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My family loves to get together and play on our video game systems. I'm not the best when it comes to using some of the controllers out there. My 15-year old son gets a tad annoyed when we're playing a war game and I just go in circles, shooting myself in the foot because I can't figure out how to use the controller.

After checking out the new PlayStation Move, I think it would be perfect for our family. We already have a PlayStation 3, so the upgrade won't be that much additional money and it would be perfect to bring us all together for our regular family game night.The cost for the bundle pack is $99. That's about the cost for us to go out and see two movies and have dinner. The new games would be something we can use over and over again.

My children are older teenagers. Daughter is 18 and a senior in high school. Son is 15 and a sophmore. It's hard to convince them to be in the same room as each other most days, but I think having this would be a great way to work out their differences. While they will enjoy the war and other first-person shooter games, I'm looking forward to playing Brunswick Pro Bowling. I love bowling, but my health doesn't allow me to get out and participate anymore. Extreme Pinball also looks like something I'd enjoy. I'm sure having games that allow me to still participate in some of my favorite activities will help with my outlook on life.

This will be on my wishlist to Santa for this year!


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Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have never gotten interested in video games. I find it hard to understand the fascination with them.

I appreciated your longer comment you left on my blog. I find it hard to really understand the religiously prejudiced attitude in parts of the US. Those who think this way seem to be ignorant of the real meaning of the Constitution of or basic priniciples of Christianity as a loving compassionate faith. In New England, which I am most familiar with their seems to be less of this. That part of the United States is very much like Canada in that religion is largely seen as a personal matter not to be inflicted on other.

When my brother and his wife moved to North Carolina years ago they soon learned not to talk about religion or politics.

In my posting I was going to put in a line after my remark that in the US you are expected to belong to a church any church will do, a further remark to the effect that if some people really understood what my church was about they would be protesting in front of my church and house. I have heard my denomination referred to as the Anti-Christ with little understand that it is a religion deeply rooted in the American liberal tradition with it's roots in the New England enlightenment of the early 19th Century and back to the founding fathers.

I wonder how well history and American values are taught in the US. What I hear about in education going on in Texas these days it makes me wonder even more. Are the inmates in charge of the asylum?

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