Friday, August 08, 2008

Virginia Beach

Spent the past two days at Virginia Beach, VA. It's so beautiful, we hate to leave, but we'll be heading north tomorrow afternoon. We have to get the kids to their grandparents' houses, so Randy and I can get to Gettysburg to celebrate our 20th anniversary and do some ghosthunting early Monday morning. I'm beyond excited about that! Hopefully, I'll be able to impress everyone with my ghost photos next week.

While we were here T and Randy learned to use boogie boards and after being slammed around by the surf the first couple hours, they seemed to master it and did great today. A learned how to use one when we were here three years ago on a band trip. She did better this year.

We spent the days just walking around the area, doing a lot of shopping, sending out dozens of postcards and soaked up the sun. I'm finally a shade other than pale. Much better. Poor Randy looks like a boiled lobster. Being a man, he didn't think he needed sunscreen the first day. BIG MISTAKE!

We rented a bicycle built for four people and rode all over the boardwalk. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I didn't peddle it, that's what husbands and strong young teenagers are for. :) I spent the two hours just taking photos and seeing the sights.

After this week and a half vacation, I'll need a vacation to recuperate!

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Blogger scrappysue said...

oh that looks so much fun - we have crocodile bikes here too! thanks for visiting my blog

8:57 PM  
Blogger June said...

I know VaBch well and always enjoy it. From the look and sound of it, so did you. Safe travels.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Rambling Woods said...

It's a beautiful area. The ghost hunting will be farther north?

9:55 PM  

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