Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to real life

All good things have to end and our vacation time is over. I have to get back to work today. My editor has sent numerous emails and phone messages wondering if I'm still alive and going to get my assignments done. SIGH!

I've already started returning calls and setting up interviews for next week.

Tonight I have to cover the annual Republican summer meeting. It's a picnic gathering, so it should be pretty informal. Just the usual speeches from the candidates hoping to get re-elected. I can handle that. I know all of them and they are petty decent people.

Tomorrow will be the bad day. I have to spend the entire day in court. It's a preliminary for a murder trial. The murder/rape happened eight years ago and they finally caught the one who did it or at least that's what the DA says. He and I generally butt heads on everything, so I'll wait til I hear the evidence before I make up my mind. The case all hinges on a former druggie girlfriend who claims that guy confessed to her that he did it. He was 20-something at the time and the victim was in her late 50's. Sad and sick. :( I feel horrible for her family that has to relive all that.

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