Sunday, September 10, 2006

Altoona Curve Play off game

Didn't plan on doing anything yesterday, but my cousin called about going to the Curve game. Called my brother and he said he'd meet us there. My baseball bag is always packed and ready, so we just grabbed the camera gear and we're set.

We get there, buy our tickets and go find our seats in general admission. My cousin and brother head off to the visitors side to get autographs from the Akron Aeros. Hubby, son and I are in our seats. I decide to go look for a pin for my collection. Get there and there's a sale on shirts, so T gets a nice green one (his favorite color). We're on our way back to the seats when a staffer stops us and asks if we'd like upgraded to better seats. Of course! We go grab hubby and now we're now behind home plate on a nice comfy couch. :) Plus, we got a voucher for $8 worth of food. (Got wings from Quaker Steak and Lube place)

They put up barriers so nobody can walk in front of us during the game. SWEET! In the fourth inning, they put our mugs up on the big screen. The usher was Bob and he was such a super nice person.

T got a few autographs, including from the Pittsburgh Pirates' owner/general manager on his tee shirt. He was so excited!

The Curve ended up winning 3-1, so they're playing in Akron tonight. If they win, they're on to the championships! If that happens, I'll get to one more game in Altoona.

Don't you love those unexpected trips? I sure do!


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