Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another month is gone

It's been two months since our Michael was taken away. How is it possible? I still expect to see him walking down the street. The ache in my heart is as painful as the day it happened. I can still see that entire day in detail, hear the words that forever changed our lives, hear the screams of family when they were told, see them fall to the ground crying.

The tears still flow when I listen to his music, see his face in photos and scrapbooks, look at our family videos. I can't imagine a reason why he had to be taken away. He had so much to live for, so much more to give. The world is a much darker place without him.

Hearing people say it will get easier or he's in a better place just makes it worse. He should be here, with his family. We need him now. It will never get easier. They're just words people say to make themselves feel better that they've tried to help. It doesn't work.

I do appreciate hearing from the people who knew and loved him the most. Hearing stories, sharing photos. I'm asking anyone who has photos or any recordings of him, PLEASE contact me. I will pay for copies. It would mean the world to his mother and the rest of us.

Michael, I'll love you forever and a day. Until we meet agin.


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