Monday, November 14, 2005

Off to Pittsburgh

We're getting ready to go to Pittsburgh this morning. We'll drop the kids off at school and leave. Dad has to go back for a check up and then we'll find out if the cancer has spread. It's very scary to think about, but I have to believe he's ok. Nothing else can even enter my mind.

The city ought to be in a great mood since the Steelers won last night against the hated Browns. What a game! Poor Charlie Batch. Finally get to be a starting quarterback and then break your passing hand. Tommy Maddox better get his mind back on the game or he'll be put out to pasture fast. A quarterback who is afraid to throw is no good to anyone.

We were just in Pittsburgh on Friday with T. He had to go to have his ears checked at the specialist. He got a great report and doesn't have to go back for a year. What a relief! He has hearing loss from all the surgeries, but they didn't expect him to have any hearing.

It was his 11th birthday, so we went to the zoo to celebrate and spent about four hours there exploring. We had the entire place to ourselves for the first couple hours before the school buses started rolling in. I took over 300 photos there. Good thing I use digital! :)

After that, we went to the Monroeville Mall to pick up his presents. He got a video game, a year's subscription to XBox Live and a Halo 2 hoodie. He loved all of them. That place is huge! By then, my feet were killing me and we were all starving, so it was off to Outback Steakhouse. YUMMY!!! The waitresses sang to T and gave him an icecream sundae with a birthday candle. He loved that. :) I got a Halloween 2005 pin for my collection.

It was a very long day (left at 5 a.m. and got hom after 8:30 p.m.), but we enjoyed it.


Blogger Crystal said...

Cancer is so scary and last night I watched that show "Grey's Anatomy" where a woman was deciding to have her uterous/ovaries/brests removed all because she carried the gene for those cancers! It was so gut-wrenching, I am so against people amputating healthy body parts, and just because someone is high-risk doesn't mean they're doomed to get the disease. But I guess fear is the driving factor a lot of times. Anyway, I hope your Pops will be okay and recover well, and steak is a perfect treat, my husband is dying to go to Argentina so that we can eat $10 steaks! ;-)

9:51 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

I agree with you, Crystal, removing body part because something MIGHT happen isn't the way to go.

We did get awesome news about my dad, the cancer is gone! They got it all!!! :-)

7:02 AM  

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