Sunday, November 06, 2005

McCain vows to add torture ban to all major Senate legislation

Speaking from the Senate floor, McCain said, "If necessary - and I sincerely hope it is not - I and the co-sponsors of this amendment will seek to add it to every piece of important legislation voted on in the Senate until the will of a substantial bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress prevails. Let no one doubt our determination."

There's a fight a-brewing over torture and isn't that the saddest part of the whole story. A nation that has been a leader in the field of human rights has to have a Republican Senator stick his foot in the mouth of an administration that begs to act like the barbarians that it professes to despise.


Blogger Crystal said...

I am with you there Gretchen! What a double standard to say that torture is "okay" in certain circumstances when we would NEVER ordain it when it comes to our American troops. What is happening in Guantanomo Bay makes me feel like crying, 5yrs. nearly and no trial in sight! Those poor kids, even if guilty of the terrorism charges they deserve to know their fate, and being kept in limbo all these years must be unimaginable for them and their families.

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