Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dad's out of surgery and in ICU

We're back at the family house now after being able to see my dad for few minutes. He's groggy and in a lot of pain, but he knew we were there and was saying our names. He knew Mom was there and said her name before she even said a word, just touched his hand. That says a lot for love, doesn't it? He's out of his mind with pain, on a morphine drip and he knows his wife is there just by her touch.

We're not allowed back in the ICU until 10 a.m. tomorrow. He'll stay there until the afternoon, then should be moved to a regular room. The docs figure he'll be able to come home on Monday or Tuesday. We'll know if it spread then, but we're confident it hasn't.

The family house here is wonderful. They have internet and allowed me to log onto their network with my laptop. I was going into withdrawal by not logging on since Monday morning! Yeah, I'm addicted. :)

I'll update everyone tomorrow night after we get back to the room. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. We all appreciate it!


Blogger Crystal said...

Best Wishes Gretchen! I hope everything will be okay with your papa.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

Thanks! He's home now and slowly healing. He's walking around town, so it won't take long. :-)

1:29 PM  

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