Monday, October 17, 2005

The Criminalization of Politics

The Criminalization of Politics

John Aravosis at AMERICAblog, with a must read:

If a senior White House staffer had intentionally outed an American spy during World War II, he'd have been shot.

We're at war, George Bush keeps reminding us. We cannot continue with business as usual. A pre-9/11 mentality is deadly. Putting the lives of our troops at risk is treason.

Then why is the White House and the Republican party engaged in a concerted campaign to make treason acceptable during a time of war? That's exactly what they're doing. On numerous news shows today, Republican surrogates, their talking points ready, issued variations of the following concerning White House chief of staff Karl Rove's outing of a covert CIA agent as part of a political vendetta:

It's the criminalization of politics

Is this 'minor' leak really worth all this?

Political payback is common and should not be criminalized

Mis-speaking or mis-remembering is not a crime

Yes, the Republicans are now making light of an intentional effort to expose an undercover CIA agent, working on weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, no less, while we are at war in the Middle East on that very issue.

The GOP has become the party of treason.

It would be one thing for a senior adviser to the president to put the nation's security at risk during a time of war. That could be explained as an aberration - a quite serious one, no doubt - but a fluke nonetheless. But when the president himself refuses to keep his own word about firing that aberration, and when the entire Republican party rallies around that fluke and tries to minimize what is usually a capital offense during wartime, something is seriously wrong with that party and its leadership.


Blogger SkyeBlue2U said...

I can not figure out why it is the more they mess up the bigger the reward. My job isn't anything great but if I failed at it miserably as this adminstration, I would have been let go a long time ago, no speaking engagements, no sit down desk job, and no pats on the head. I just hope and pray they don't play the trump card and because we're at war, there's no election.

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