Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hottest Supe?

OK, I was reading posts the other day and one really got me thinking (hard as that is to believe, I know, I know). What is the current favorite Supernatural creature?

It was vampires or werewolves (and will be again as soon as Breaking Dawn is released or True Blood premieres on June 26), then zombies came into play. What do you think?

I have tons of I LUV VAMPIRES things and one I RUN WITH WOLVES teeshirt, but have been finding a few I LUV ZOMBIES things. Found a cute jelly bracelet the last time I was at the mall and picked up a zombie tee shirt, too from everyone's favorite A&E show. Then there are fairies. I have a bunch of fairy tee shirts and one really cute purse. Are witches counted as supernatural? I have way too many witchy things, cuz, well you know.

So, my question to all is, What is YOUR favorite supernatural being?

I love them all and I really love that in this environment, I can finally find clothes, jewelry and other accessories that let me show off my love for the supernatural!

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Blogger Shifan said...

Nice Picture.

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3:37 AM  
Blogger Picturit said...

Vamps most popular for sure. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula when he visited Whitby in North Yorks. It is a place I visit often and when it is foggy believe me you can almost hear the sounds of beating wings.

7:12 PM  

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