Monday, October 10, 2005

Naughty Minister Story

So much for my day to rest and relax.

Just got done interviewing a woman who claims a minister who was counseling her started an affair with her and now the church is trying to cover it up. Real juicy stuff here. The minister won't take my calls. No real surprise there, but it does look bad that he's ducking me. The woman and her brother organized a protest about it. Now the church officials are threatening the brother that they will take away his minister's credentials for talking to me about this. I worked hard on the article, hopefully, it'll be good enough to go over the wire and other papers will pick up the story.

Don't ya just love organized religion? This "man of God" has destroyed a woman's life and faith. He's married and his wife is sticking by him and the church is covering for him.

There should be a lot of fall out from this story when it hits the paper in the morning. I'll have yet another church wanting to burn me at the stake. Ah well, if they don't do anything wrong, there's no need for me to write these stories. I always get the assignments to expose this sort of thing. Guess there's just something about me that says "I'll take on anyone."

OK, so I guess I enjoy exposing the dark underbelly of religion. Can't help myself. I use to work as a church secretary and the minister was the worst creature ever. Totally in love with money and refused to take responsiblity for anything he did wrong. Always blamed it on someone else, generally me. Turned me off church completely. Now I go only for special occassions. My daughter is starting confirmation this month. It's at a different church and she loves going, so I have no problem with it. I allow her to make up her own mind. Same with my son. He doesn't like church and I won't force him to go.


Blogger Crystal said...

I was never much of a church person either, and luckily my parents didn't force the issue so I stopped attending probably around age 10. Religious people are just like the rest of us, no more moral or kinder than the average person, so I don't get the point.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

They shouldn't be holding themselves up as something they aren't. That's for sure.

6:43 AM  

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