Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bush logic: mentioning 9/11 makes everything ok

Bush logic: mentioning 9/11 makes everything ok
by Plutonium Page
Sat Sep 10th, 2005 at 11:50:51 PDT

You knew he'd do it:

President Bush said Saturday that Americans will come together and make the Gulf Coast "more vibrant than ever," just as they rebuilt after the devastation brought by terrorist attacks four years ago this weekend.

Bush plans to mark Sunday's fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by remembering the victims of that tragedy and Hurricane Katrina.

"Our greatest resource in such times is the compassionate character of the American people, because even the most destructive storm cannot weaken the heart and soul of our nation," the president said in his weekly radio address. "America will overcome this ordeal, and we will be stronger for it."

Of course, it's absolutely critical to listen to Karl Rove when it comes to what to say (and how to pat yourself on the back), and what not to mention:

Bush did not note widespread complaints about government handling of the disaster, instead calling on Americans to help with recovery by contacting the USA Freedom Corps volunteer network. He said he signed spending bills this week that will provide an additional $52 billion for response and recovery and called for special evacuee status for people in the disaster areas so they can more easily collect federal benefits.

Finally, the article really nails it:

Bush often talks about Sept. 11 when he is under public scrutiny, and Sunday's anniversary was a natural occasion to reminisce about the attacks as he faces criticism for a slow government response to the hurricane and subsequent flooding. In his radio address, he drew similarities to the two catastrophes that hit the United States four years apart.

"Reminisce" indeed, for as we all know, in part, Bush built his 2004 campaign on his War on Terrorâ„¢ (or whatever you want to call it).

Tomorrow is a day for remembering, not for "reminiscing". And the Katrina catastrophe will linger for years.

Our only hope can be that Bush's legacy of colossal mistakes (including ignoring intelligence regarding 9/11 and cutting FEMA funding, which lead to the poor response to the Katrina disaster) will not endure for generations.

Here's the radio address referenced by the article.


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